Ahoi hoi there and welcome to my website. My name is Peer and I’m currently a self-employed freelancer/contractor and research affiliate in cognitive and computational (auditory) neuroscience & Artificial Intelligence, partly affiliated with the Montréal Neurological Institute & Hospital (MNI) located at McGill University, with the International Laboratory for Brain, Music and Sound Research (BRAMS) which is jointly run by the Université de Montréal & McGill University & the Senseable Intelligence Group at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research. Additionally, I’m part of the BIDS, Neuromod and ReproNim team.

In terms of research, I’m interested in generalization in biological and artificial agents and the potentially underlying transformations as a basis for intelligent adaptive behavior. I tackle these questions using MRI, EEG, behavior and artificial neural networks, with a special emphasis on data analysis approaches (e.g., pattern analyses, multimodal data integration, naturalistic paradigms, alignment methods & statistical learning) as open, transparent and reproducible as possible. Furthermore, I’m highly invested in education & outreach, fair access & utilization of knowledge, as well as responsible & sustainable science.

Do you have a challenging problem in the realm of neuroscience to tackle, including data acquisition, management, analyzses and reporting? You additionally would be interested in open & reproducible workflows, including standardization and version control? You are interested in workshops around data/project management, programming/computational environments, neuroimaging analyses via a diverse set of methods, including artificial intelligence? If so: Please don’t hesitate to contact me via one of the options outlined on the left and I’m more than happy to evaluate how I could be of help.

For everything else that is currently going and/or I'm interested in, you can check my Twitter feed below: