Below you’ll find a (somewhat recent) list of publications. However, for an up-to-date list including things I might have missed, please check my Google Scholar profile.

* - denotes shared first and/or corresponding author

Centering inclusivity in the design of online conferences

E Levitis, CG van Praag, R Gau, S Heunis, E DuPre…, P. Herholz,…C Maumet
Preprint at PsyArxiv - 2021

Brainhack: developing a culture of open, inclusive, community-driven neuroscience

R Gau, S Noble, K Heuer, K Bottenhorn, IP Bilgin…, P. Herholz,…The Brainhack Community
Preprint at PsyArxiv - 2021
Jupyter Book

fMRIflows: a consortium of fully automatic univariate and multivariate fMRI processing pipelines

MP Notter, P Herholz*, S Da Costa, OF Gulban, AI Isik, MM Murray
Preprint at bioRxiv - 2021
Github repository

E Bannier, G Barker, V Borghesani, N Broeckx…, P. Herholz*,…H Zhu
Human Brain Mapping - 2021
docs, preprint

BIDSonym-a BIDSapp for the pseudo-anonymization of neuroimaging datasets

P. Herholz, RM Ludwig & JB Poline
Preprint at PsyArxiv - 2021
Github repository, docs

Variability in the analysis of a single neuroimaging dataset by many teams

R Botvinik-Nezer, F Holzmeister, CF Camerer, A Dreber, J Huber…, P. Herholz*,…RA Poldrack & T Schonberg
Nature - 2020
Github repository, Github repository of my analysis team, preprint

JD KenT & P. Herholz Journal of Open Source Software - 2020
Github repository, docs

LAB–QA2GO: A free, easy-to-use toolbox for the quality assessment of magnetic resonance imaging data

C Vogelbacher, MHA Bopp, V Schuster,P. Herholz, Andreas Jansen & Jens Sommer
Frontiers in neuroscience - 2019
Github repository, preprint

AtlasReader: A Python package to generate coordinate tables, region labels, and informative figures from statistical MRI images

MP Notter, D Gale, P Herholz, R Markello, ML Notter-Bielser, K Whitaker
Journal of Open Source Software - 2019
Github repository

Comparison of fMRI paradigms assessing visuospatial processing: Robustness and reproducibility

V Schuster, P Herholz, KM Zimmermann, S Westermann, S Frässle & A Jansen
PloS one - 2017