How to reach me

I’m usually game for a quick or long chat about anything, no matter if it’s about questions concerning projects, code, data, collaborations, etc., just drop me a message, no biggie. The bottom of the navigation bar on the left has several options of how you can get in touch, choose the option you prefer and let me know what’s up. Additionally, you can find me on mattermost and discord via @peerherholz(he/him). When contacting me, please refrain from using titles when addressing me and super formal language, just “Peer” is fine and it’s way more important that the content is respectful, fair and constructive (I aim for the same when I reply). However, please let me know if you have a preferred way of interacting with other folks, including how you would liked to be addressed, your pronouns and the level of formality.

You can also directly schedule a meeting with me via the tool below. It’s synched to my calendar and thus, all times that pop as available there should be possible for me. Please note, that I’ll confirm each requested meeting only if it’s really possible for me and in case it’s not and/or something changes, will contact you.